Mitsubishi Elevator India

Since 1995, Mitsubishi Electric has distributed elevators and escalators in India through a local agent, installing its products primarily in the premium segment including luxury hotels and offices. And over 10,000 units were sold by end of 2013 and maintaining over 6,500 units on pan India basis.

To further expand its growing Indian market, Mitsubishi Elevator India will take over the business of the local agent. In addition to expanding sales in the premium segment, the new company will also cater to the residential segment and others, where the demand for elevators is showing remarkable growth.

Mitsubishi Elevator India aims to grow sales volume by strengthening its sales network across the country and by offering more products that fulfill local needs. A new logistics center will enable more efficient procurement of components and develop a product supply framework. Also, an engineering center will be established to strengthen customer solutions in terms of product specifications and technical requirements.

Mitsubishi Elevator India Pvt Ltd is the sole official business entity for Selling, Manufacturing, Installing and proving Maintenance for Mitsubishi Elevators & Escalators in India.